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Veronica Amati wedding planner
wedding planner


Are you here looking for some inspiration? Or are you looking for a Wedding Planner?

I suppose you are planning a wedding, an event or a party. Well, I have three words right for you: uniqueness, details, creativity.

First of all, your party is yours. You are the ones who want it, long for it and have to be satisfied with it, therefore copying someone else's party won't work. Secondly, bear in mind that people will focus on and remember the details of your party. Well, with Veronica Amati, you can unleash your imagination. Plan it in the right way and everything can become true.

Every single aspect of your event - music, colours, theme or atmosphere, gadgets and gifts - will be tailor-made for you. For you, who chose us for planning a very important event of your lives. We will make it special, taking care of each single detail.


Interessantissimo artico di Veronica Tasciotti Amati sul HUNLI, il matrimonio cinese. La tradizione, le nuove tendenze e i riti richiesti dai numerosi sposi che sempre più scelgono di sposarsi in Italia.
Bianca Trusiani #bwi #bwi2019
Richiedi la tua copia scrivendo ...
Sharing experience with colleagues is a part of my success. With @sonialuongosl we planned one of the best Masterclass by @karentranevents in Italy, our “heavenly Rome”. When enthusiasm is everything 🌸
#thefloralexperience #ktrome #heavenlyrome #veronicaamatiweddingplanner #destinationwedding #luxurywedding
La cura del dettaglio è la nostra caratteristica. Mettiamo amore in tutto quello che facciamo ❤️ Attention to detail is our characteristic. We use Love in everything we do ❤️
#weddinginvitations #partecipazioni #handingwriting #handingwritingalwaysbettertoimpress #invitations #partecipazionidinozzepersonalizzate #partecipazionidinozzeroma

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