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A wedding planner and event organiser who is graduated in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a specialisation in business negotiation. Why?

My answer is pretty simple. First of all, because I'm fond of it - and no one can stop me when I have a new idea! And secondly, because wedding and party planning gives me the chance to unleash my creativity, always supported by strong organisational skills. Anyway, I do it mostly because the joy shining in the eyes of brides, grooms or guests of honor is my driving force.

It all began when I decided to get married.

We chose a very close date for the wedding, yet I wanted a memorable party. So I gathered all my previous experience in event organisation, all my contacts and I really enjoyed colouring every single detail with a hint of creativity. My wedding was a success (and this is the bride's word!), and the guests' positive reaction made me think it could become something more. From then onwards, with my company EC Target focused on China Consulting, we started organising parties and weddings, too. Since wedding and event planning became more and more important, I decided to split the two different activities so that, according to their needs, my clients could find the right mood and services in both EC Target and in Veronica Amati.

In 2016, the brand Veronica Amati was born.

And here I am, sharing my time between extremely serious conferences and Aristocats theme parties - with Minou, Matisse and Bizet peeking out between cupcakes - or weddings of Chinese couples on the Amalfi Coast!

We have a target: planning unique parties and events. Since everyone is different, each of you deserves your unique happiness.

Of course, I'm not alone in this adventure. Almost nothing could be possible without the help of my trustworthy collaborators Giulia&Giulia; with two very different characters, they are both creative, determined and talented. Giulia Bottaro has been working with me since 2012, she graduated in Literatures and Translation. Problem solver, challenge lover, independent, she is captivating and she can perfectly find and coordinate suppliers and collaborators. Giulia Giorgini, who joined the team two years later, graduated in Sociology and Development and International Cooperation Sciences. Tenacious, determined and generous, she can always accomplish her tasks.


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