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Veronica Amati wedding planner


Of course, I'm not alone in this adventure.
Almost nothing could be possible without the help of my trustworthy Giulia&Giulia and of the amazing collaborators of Veronica Amati team.

Veronica Tasciotti Amati
Wedding & Event Planner
A wedding planner and event organiser who is graduated in East Asian Languages and Cultures. I am always looking for new adventures to share with my enthusiastic and trustworthy collaborators.

Giulia Bottaro
Wedding & Event Coordinator
Graduated in  Literatures and Translation, captivating, challenge lover, independent, Giulia can perfectly find and coordinate suppliers and collaborators.

Giulia Giorgini
Wedding & Event Coordinator
Graduated in Sociology and Development and International Cooperation Sciences, tenacious, determined and generous, she can always accomplish her tasks.

Francesca Bottaro
Architect & Graphic Designer
Francesca has great taste and refined attention to details. Her creative contribution is perfect for setting up and amazing set design.

Natascha Bogoiavlensky
Cake Designer
Natascha creates dreams made of sugar paste icing. She is not only an excellent pastry chef, she knows how to turn your taste and ideas into sweet reality.

Fabio Santomauro
Whether he draws precious invitation cards, a website, or he entertains a bunch of children with an illustration workshop, Fabio always has a magic touch.


Veronica Tasciotti Amati
Giulia Bottaro
Giulia Giorgini
Francesca Bottaro
Natascha Bogoiavlensky
team fabio


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