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The musical score of your wedding day is important. You may choose a solemn, amusing, moving one according to your personal taste, the atmosphere and the wedding day schedule.

We'd love to offer our experience in this field, too. We can select the musicians for the ceremony (violinist/organist/flautist, voice or Gospel choir) and for the wedding lunch/dinner (live band). Then, if you wish to continue dancing all night long, we have the DJs for you!

Last but not least, we will take care of the Italian procedures with the Italian society for the collective management of authors’ rights, SIAE. You can deal with the procedure yourself at the office of competence, but our team is available to support you and assist you in carrying out the paperwork inherent musical entertainment, by filling in a specific form and send it at the offices SIAE along with copies of identity documents of the customer.

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