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A Wedding Day Coordinator is someone who will take care about everything during your wedding day - since you will be extremely busy. Doesn't it sound good?

She (or he) is a professional wedding and event planner who will take care about every single detail during your wedding day, so that you will be able to enjoy the party and your guests without worrying about anything. It is definitely a worthwhile support, if you think about all the efforts you've made to plan it all!

When I work as a Wedding Day Coordinator, I coordinate all the suppliers and collaborators you have previously chosen. I check that all the suppliers and staff - location staff, catering, hostesses, musicians, etc. - are doing their job exactly when and how you planned it. You will definitely need somebody to be in charge of coordinating your wedding ceremony and reception. No matter how much planning went into it, unexpected glitches can occur, but I will be there to solve it with my experience.

If you don't need a wedding planner, but you think it could be useful a support of a wedding day coordinator, well it could definitely be a fair reward for your organisational efforts during the last months before the wedding. Just write to me, and we can arrange a meeting a few weeks before your wedding day. There will be enough time for me to discuss logistics before your big day and get ready to be in charge of coordinating your wedding.

Anyway, a Wedding Day Coordinator can be a perfect wedding gift!

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