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Veronica Amati


is a Destination Wedding Planning agency based in Rome,
specialized in planning Chinese weddings in Italy and Europe.


We plan destination weddings for couples wishing to celebrate an unforgettable ceremony in the land of love and romance, and the ceremony can be civil, religious or symobolic one, or a pre-wedding. It depends on our clients’ needs.
Our goal is building the couple’s dream experience in a complete and perfect way, matching chinese and italian culture in some details.


Every wedding is tailormade and we have in our team the right supplier for our
oriental clients.
That’s why, when we select our experts, we pay attention to all these details.

We trust the world-class suppliers with whom we have built strong relationships.

They all have experience with Chinese guests: from make-up to photo shoot, we all will take care of every single detail.

Our knowledge of Chinese culture and language daily helps us doing our beautiful job.

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