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The italian dream becomes a dream wedding

Among historical venues and wonderful landscapes,

sometimes just the brand "Italy"

is enough to think about an

unforgettable destination wedding.

As every other wedding the destination ones too  need to be very well planned and designed.

Our main skill in destination weddings is to identify ourselves with our clients

and with completely different cultures knowing their customs and traditions, not only their languages.

We plan destination weddings for couples wishing to celebrate an

unforgettable ceremony in the land of love and romance,

and we can organize both an official (civil or religious) or symobolic wedding, as they prefer.

Our goal is building the couple’s dream experience in a complete and perfect way,

matching foreigner and italian culture in some details.

In destination wedding the tourism knowledge plays a key role:

We can guarantee to our clients a specific welcome in our country planning your journey in italy and

suggesting all the experiences for you and your guests.

We are partner of many different venues all around Italy,

we can recreate famous movies atmosphere, or plan yput wedding in an historical site in the heart of Rome!

With you, VA team will build together a magical experience to represent you as a couple and your wedding dream.

We’ll win your confidence, satisfy your needs and exceed your expectaions.

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