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Your wedding at Coronavirus time (EN)

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

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On March 4th, 2020 our Premier issued a decree

containing all the actions to battle coronavirus diffusion.

It also includes actions to manage event planning all around Italy until April

3rd, 2020.

What should you do if your wedding day was planed before April 3rd?

If you have a professional Wedding Planner working on your wedding

she/he already contacted you and together you decided what to do choosing a

different date for your ceremony and reception.

One of the wedding planner’s tasks is to manage the relations with all the

suppliers (she already negotiated with them all the agreements) and find with

them the best solutions.

Another task is to manage relations with your guests, updating them about the

new date.

If you haven’t a wedding planner working for you, the psychological help of a

professional person will be what you’ll miss more.

One of the task is excitements management both for the couple and for

their family in every kind of situation.

I hope to comfort you: even a professional wedding planner can’t consider an

unpredictable situation as this one, so we too will follow our government


However I can give you some suggestions telling how I’m managing my

clients, hoping they can support your decision: I postponed all the weddings

and events planned within the first part of June.

So long? Yes

And do you know why? Because my job obliges me to face with caution such a

thorny moment in a couple’s life and because the wedding industry needs time

to start again.

We are working as usual on all the events planned after June 15th, checking

every day the situation and updateing the clients.

70% of our weddings are Destination Weddings and coronavirus is threaten

this industry which involves also the Tourism one, so our main duty now is to

reassure my couples who completely trust me and my team.

If you managed everything by yourself until today, maybe now you can

consider the opportunity to hire a wedding planner, a real professional and

expert of the wedding industry to help you.

And what about you ( 2020 Season Bride)? How are you dealing with your

wedding? Will you postpone it?

If you need help or any information, please feel free to contact us.

Veronica Tasciotti Amati

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